Cayenne (60 Capsules)

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Swalukrans Herbs brings you Cayenne in a convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule form.

Supports the heart, dilates blood-vessels and stimulates blood flow. Improves peripheral circulation. Reduces risk of heart attacks. Capsaicin activates mediators that reduce inflammation. Relieves headaches, shingles, arthritic – and chronic pain. Anti-oxidant action reduces cholesterol levels. Carminative action relieves indigestion, gas and constipation.


  • Supports the heart and circulatory system
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Reduces risk of heart attacks
  • Used for cold extremities
  • Headaches, shingles, arthritic- and chronic pain
  • Relieves stress-related fatigue and depression
  • Improves general vitality
  • Indigestion and constipation
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Sore throats